Pinoy Radio Tivo: Good Times with Mo 10.29.2012

Good Times with Mo 10.29.2012

Good Times with King Archer Jeron Teng
Have you tried to do a mythical fight move in a real fight?
Scariest character of all time

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Anonymous said...

ginagaya ba ng GTWM ang Morning Rush? kasi nung nagguest si Georgina Wilson sa Morning Rush, after a week ata, sa GTWM naman si Georgina. Same with Kiefer Ravena sa Morning Rush, ngayon naman Jeron Teng sa GTWM.

pinoyradiofan said...

Namimigay din ba ng kotse ang morning rush?

Anonymous said...

haha hindi, pero hindi yun yung point

Anonymous said...

Georgina was making rounds sa lahat ng not masa radio stations to promote her product.

Regarding basketball players, mas nauna goodtimes when they "guested" Norbert Torres. Tin is a die hard Archer fan that's why they guested Teng.

Anonymous said...

I see, thanks

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