Pinoy Radio Tivo: Good Times with Mo 05.09.2012

Good Times with Mo 05.09.2012

Is there a Charice Pempengco sex tape?
The Chic Republic Finals!
  Anne Curtis (ABS) x Solenn Heusaff (GMA) x Georgina Wilson (Wildcard)

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Mel said...

This motwister is so full of himself! Hasn't he heard of personal preferences? Just bec. he likes long hair in girls doesn't mean he has the utmost authority in girls'appearances. So damn shallow! BTW, every waitress should sue him for calling them "stupid!" The two females w/ him are the same-like they say, birds of the same feather flock together! They should all be fired!!

Anonymous said...


I enjoy his humor and Im sure there are lot of us who follow his show to be entertained. I don't get why you are affected with his joke and take it serious. You can always change your station and not listen to the show.


Anonymous said...

I heartily agree mike

Anonymous said...


Why do you listen to Mo if you're a hater?

Anonymous said...

MIsmo! If i know, mel is an avid listener of good times ayaw lng umamin. Why listen if u don't like them?

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