Pinoy Radio Tivo: Good Times with Mo 04.17.2012

Good Times with Mo 04.17.2012

Angelica Panganiban in The Chic Republic
Guest co-host: John Lapus
Have you forgiven someone for something gross just because he/she is good looking?
Has anybody saved your life?
The Chic Republic Round 1
  ABS: Angelica Panganiban (3) x Kristine Hermosa (6)
  GMA: Solenn Heusaff (2) x Sarah Lahbati (7)
  Wildcard: Georgina Wilson (1) x Gretchen Fullido (8)

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Anonymous said...

Do you have the 4.18.12 episode of GTWM? Can't wait! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

april 18 GTWM please, waiting impatiently thanks a lot. :)

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